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Sat Cab

  • Joint Position on CoO Aspects of Online Broadcasting Regulation 2018


  • 28 Shades of AVMS Directive - A changing and challenging audiovisual market - Series Mania Festival 2019

  • CEPI Position Paper on AVMS proposals 2016

  • CEPI Position Paper on AVMS proposals 2016


  • The Future of the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme 2018

  • CEPI's contribution to Consultation on the MEDIA PROGRAMME

  • Joint letter on State Aid 2012

  • Joint letter to President Barroso on MEDIA 2013

Gender & Equality

  • Gender equality in the EU audiovisual sector

Social Dialogue

  • Joint Opinion by the EU AV Sector Social Dialogue Committee on the Creative Europe Programme and the role of the European Audiovisual Observatory 2018

Other Topics

  • CW! letter on Digital Content Directive 2018

  • CW! letter on GDPR 2018

  • Making Portability Work-Key Principles for the Film and Audiovisual Sector

  • Joint Creative Industries Letter

  • Joint Film and Audiovisual Sector Letter

  • Joint Letter on Making the Digital Single Market WorkCEPI' contribution to Consultation on Net Neutrality

  • Joint letter to  European Parliament on ACTA

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