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CEPI cosigns a joint statement to support the Slovenian Film Industry

Together with other organisations of the European audiovisual sector, CEPI has cosigned a statement calling on the European Commission, Parliament and German presidency of the European Council, to take appropriate action to solve the administrative impasse which is causing terrific problems for Slovenian film production. Since May 2020, the government has interrupted the financing to the Slovenian Film Centre, the national public agency for film funding.

This financing blockade has caused a shutdown of the vast majority of film production planned for 2020, while most of pre-production and production for the next couple of years are put on hold.

In addition to this, all professionals from the film industry, including filmmakers, actors and independent producers, have not yet been paid for the works completed earlier in 2019.

CEPI proudly supports the Slovenian Federation of Filmmakers’ Guilds in a moment where our industry is already paying the consequences of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic which is raising unemployment levels and poverty prospective within the entire industry.

Find the Joined Statement here.

Find the #forslofilm campaign 3-minute film here.



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