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CEPI founded as the European Coordination of Independent Producers in 1990 to organise and represent the interests of independent cinema and television producers in Europe. In 2018, CEPI relaunced itself as European Audiovisual Production and today is the only European Association including independent television and film producers, representing over 2.400 independent production companies in Europe.


Our members create a wide range of diverse film and television content, from standalone documentaries and special event programming, to game shows, animation, light entertainment and high-cost drama series. CEPI members are creating some of the most innovative, popular, and challenging film and television content in Europe. Together, our members supply over 16.000 hours of new programming each year to broadcasters in Europe.


The producer is central to the creation of a film or television programme from beginning to end and therefore plays a crucial role in the audiovisual value chain. CEPI exists to articulate the interests of independent producers and ensure that all relevant stakeholders at the national and European level are engaged in and committed to fostering a strong, independent film and television production sector.

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Represent independent television and cinema production on a European scale, protecting its general interests and furthering its development

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