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European work: a definition to review

Today, 30 national associations of independent audiovisual and animation producers, led by CEPI,

sent a letter to the European Commission calling on the need to assess the possible consequences of Brexit on European independent production.

The country being a signatory of the European Convention on Transfrontier Television, UK production continue to qualify as European despite Brexit. European legislation meant to protect and promote European audiovisual production largely benefit to UK works, despite them being largely predominant in European catalogues of on-demand services.

CEPI and the other signatories call on the European Commission to assess the impact of Brexit on the audiovisual sector, but to also take this opportunity to review the definition of European works in light of the changes faced by our industry. While large platforms enable gr access to content for a broader audience, and bring investment in the European audiovisual sector, it is essential that the European Commission assess the mid- and long-term effects of these developments can have on European culture and on our cultural sovereignty, starting with the criteria that defines European works.

Please find our full letter here in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.



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