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Joint Statement: Global Screen Industry Unites for Streaming Platform Regulation and Intellectual Property Protections

In an unprecedented international collaboration, representatives of screen producing organisations from around the world are standing together to release a joint statement emphasising the key principles needed to ensure a sustainable future screen industry through the regulation of powerful digital streaming platforms.

Representing tens of thousands of screen industry businesses, our shared commitment is to demonstrate our unity of purpose and commitment towards ensuring the independence and viability of the global screen industry and the preservation of the cultural sovereignty of each nation.

The joint statement acknowledges that responding to the changes brought to screen business dynamics by digital streaming platforms is both a global challenge and local issue. Governments worldwide are taking steps to adapt and impose new regulations, recognising changed industry dynamics and the urgent need to act to protect local stories, creative work and the intellectual property generated. 

The statement underscores the cultural and economic importance of local storytelling, recognising this as a strategic national asset to be cherished and protected. The commitment extends to ensuring that local audiences have access to a diverse range of newly created local stories across all platforms. 

Moreover, the joint statement stresses the mutual cultural responsibility of digital platforms operating in local markets, emphasising the need for them to make fair and proportional contributions to the creation of new local content in the markets in which they receive revenue. 

Central to these principles is the need for a healthy screen independent sector, encompassing development, production, distribution, and post-production. Governments are urged to address market failures and imbalances in commercial bargaining power, with a particular emphasis on recognising the critical role of independent screen businesses. 

Most importantly, the joint statement calls for governments to recognise the growth opportunities tied to intellectual property (IP) protection. Independent screen businesses should own and/or retain control of their IP, ensuring financial participation in the success generated by their work on platforms—a crucial aspect of preserving a nation's unique cultural heritage. 

This isn't just about regulations; it's about safeguarding the heart and soul of our cultural narratives. As a united front, AECINE, Animation in EuropeAnimFrance, APA, APCA, APFC, APIT, AQPM, CEPI, CMPA, EPC, FIPCA, FPS, PATEProduzentenverband, SPA, SPADA, SPI, UPFF+, and USPA call on their governments to take decisive action in protecting local content and their intellectual property. 

Download the statement here and find it below.

For media enquiries, please contact: Mathilde Fiquet,


The statement is supported by: 

24.01.24 - Press release IP statement
Download PDF • 300KB

24.01.24 - Global IP statement
Download PDF • 338KB



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