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CEPI response to the Consultation on the Future of the “Media Programme”

The European Coordination of Independent Producers (CEPI) was founded in 1989, to organise and represent the interests of independent television producers in Europe. Today the Coordination represents approximately 8000 independent production companies in Europe, equivalent to 95% of the entire European audiovisual production industry. All together, our members supply over 16000 hours of new programming each year to broadcasters in Europe, ranging from single documentaries and special event programming, to game shows, light entertainment and high-cost drama serials. As the producers form the basic support of the audiovisual industry, it is necessary to articulate the interests of those producers within a unique European organisation.

CEPI and the Media Programme

CEPI members have been closely involved with the MEDIA Programme since its very inception, maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the EU Commission and helping to fostering a healthy and competitive audiovisual production sector across Europe, with a particular focus on SMEs. Independents, with their natural focus on creating and developing programme ideas, provide some of the most creative, innovative, popular and challenging programmes on film and television. In the current climate of economic recession, where difficulties in accessing public funding are more and more frequent, it is crucial to ensure the effectiveness of such a significant funding programme and make sure the audiovisual sector can benefit and further develop its main strengths. CEPI strongly welcomes the Commission consultation on a future of the MEDIA Programme and lists below some relevant points in relation to section 9.

See our contribution here.

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