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CEPI board welcomes increased legitimacy and updated representativity of Independent producers

20 February 2023, Berlin – During the Berlinale Film festival, the Board of Director welcomed the latest updated of CEPI’s representativity of Independent producers in Europe. With 19 national associations, 1 European association and one company, CEPI represent over 2.400 independent producers across 17 European countries, including Ukraine, Norway and North Macedonia. With the participation of the pan European association, Animation in Europe, CEPI’s representation extends to 24 European countries, making CEPI the largest European network of independent production companies.

Since its establishment in 1990, CEPI has organised and represented the interests of independent film & audiovisual producers across Europe. Through its activities, CEPI supports film and television producers, helping them to be informed and engage with European and national policy makers and promote the importance of sustainable cultural and economic growth in the European audiovisual sector.

“The broad representativity and international engagement of CEPI makes the organisation the legitimate voice for Europe’s independent production, and the designated partner for the European institutions” - Susana Gato, ¨ - President of CEPI.

Supporting the development of a market in and outside Europe where independent film and audiovisual production companies can flourish and compete is one of our main objectives.

“Those numbers shows the legitimacy of CEPI’s voice and its representation in Europe. We are very happy of the role CEPI is taking and will continue to hold in the audiovisual sector debates in Europe. We are also very proud to count the Film Industry Association of Ukraine (FIAU) as a member and welcome and encourage other national independent production associations to join our network.” – Susana Gato, President of CEPI.

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