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CEPI calls for a fair and balanced definition for independence in Spain

23 May 2022, Cannes

Across Europe independent producers are responsible for the creation of vibrant European audiovisual content. Independent productions are essential to Europe's cultural diversity, and should be supported. Independence from broadcasters and from other streaming services remains the main key defining criteria for an independent producer, in order to allow for the promotion of European creation.

Therefore, CEPI is concerned that the latest changes in the Spanish law may deviate from this approach by allowing producers with strong ties to broadcasters and or other media organisations to qualify as independent and to benefit from specific support.

"Being an independent producer is first and foremost being independent from broadcasters and other streaming platforms. This independence is the key which allows us to develop truly diverse and original content for our audience, regardless of who our clients are. We must avoid blurring the lines, and keep absence of media ownership at the core criteria to define independence" - Susana Gato, Chairwoman of CEPI.

In the general context of support for independent production across Europe, combined with the emerging adoptions of new investment obligations (often partially meant to support independent production), it is important to ensure that the definition of independent producer is based on a fair and balanced principle.

20220523 - CEPI PR - Independent producer definition in Spain
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