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CEPI discusses producers responsibilities at the Monte Carlo TV festival

On the 17th of June, CEPI joined the Monte Carlo Television festival business content to moderate a panel on the ever increasing responsibilities of producers.

Nua Finau, Producer at Tavake in New Zealand, Susa Kusche, Executive Producer at Ziegler Film in Germany and Claire Mundell, CEO, Creative Director and Executive Producer & at Synchronicity Films in the UK shared their experiences on how they had to adapt in the face of ever increasing new demands and responsibilities with regard to health and safety, diversity, sustainability and many more. While all these new requirements are considered as very important and producers are of good intention, they require more "breadth than depth" to be able to handle all of them together and manage to make the film happen. Financial partners must also realise that these new policies also require new roles in the production team, such as  green consultant, intimacy consultants, etc, which comes at a cost. Sharing great examples, the speakers presented themselves as constant problem solvers, and warned younger audiences who wished to become producers that they have to brace for a very challenging and demanding job, which yet is very rewarding.



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