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CEPI Welcomes increased budget of Creative Europe/Media

Together with 13 organisations of the European audiovisual sector, CEPI welcomes the budgetary increase of Creative Europe/Media and thanks the members of the European Parliament and the Commission's Media Unit for supporting this great achievement on the 30th year anniversary of the programme.

The consequent budgetary increase for the Creative Europe MEDIA sub-programme will provide key support to the European film and audiovisual sector in continuing to bring unique stories to European citizens and in facing the consequences of COVID-19.

Our eco-system has been rightfully recognised as one of the hardest hit by the pandemic and health & safety precautionary measures implemented by national governments. It is therefore crucial that the MEDIA strand of the Creative Europe Programme has the means to support the film and audiovisual sector in getting back on its feet, for the sake of its authors, talents, companies, workers, audiences and European citizens alike.

It is now clear that the increased funding for the Creative Europe Programme and its MEDIA strand will, more than ever, be key for the survival, sustainability and future economic growth of the European film and audiovisual sector and, consequently, its important contributions to European and national economies, employment, diversity and cultural identity.

Please find here the full version of the letter

Please find here the letter's Annex



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