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European broadcasting and cultural industry call to Europe to secure UHF broadcasting spectrum

On June 30, 2022 – 57 associations and companies active in the broadcasting and cultural industry from 18 European countries have joined forces in a “Call to Europe” to urge policymakers and regulators to preserve the Lower UHF Band (470-694 MHz) for broadcasting and wireless production equipment (PMSE: Programme Making and Special Events).

CEPI together with the Wider Spectrum Group strongly supports this initiative.

Content producers (PMSE)–either professionals or amateurs–need UHF-frequencies for the

proper operation of wireless microphones, in-ear systems, talk-back-systems, and audio links,

especially in the context of live-events. It enables touring musicians and artists to travel throughout Europe with their own sound system and keeps churches, schools and all other types of meetings and associations running. In addition, broadcasting services need those devices for their high quality productions.

Please find here the joint statement.



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