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Creative Skills Europe, the European Platform on Employment and Training in the Audiovisual and Live Performance sectors, is a project which aims at collecting information and at developing tools to help the cultural and creative sectors adjust their skills to the realities of the field.

Ran by a partnership of European trade unions, employers’ organisations, and national skills bodies, Creative Skills Europe looks at creating national and European synergies, and at inspiring new types of actions, both at company level and in a collective way at sector level. Its objective is to steer discussions on the evolving skills needs in our sectors and to promote initiatives to respond to those needs.

In 2017-2018 four thematic workshops were organised in different European cities on the topics of innovation, HR management, the digital environment and the role of social dialogue.

In April 2019, the main outcomes of those exchanges were presented in a publication series.

  • A Step Ahead - Training for Innovation

Good practices from across Europe on skills development supporting the structural transformations of the creative sectors

  • A Safe Bet - Training and Workforce Development

A toolbox for the development of HR solutions supporting skills investment in the creative sector

  • It is a New World - Training in and for the Digital Era

Examples of successful training schemes and tools for creative professionals in the digital environment

  • Joining Forces – Funding our Training Needs

Recommendations for the development of the creative sector training funding schemes

  • Fruitful Co-operations – Access to training through Social Dialogue

Examples of social partners’ initiatives supporting skills and careers development in the European creative sectors

To download the publications, go to www.creativeskillseurope.eu

The publications are for the moment available in English. Translations into Czech, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish will be available in the coming weeks. Creative Skills Europe, the European Platform on Employment and Training in the Audiovisual and Live Performance sectors, is a joint project piloted by social partners of the EU Social Dialogue Committees in the Audiovisual and Live Performance Sectors. It was implemented in partnership with national organisations from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Sweden. It received financial support from the European Commission.

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