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PRESS RELEASE: CEPI votes on new board in London and sets forthcoming political priorities

London, 5 & 6 December 2019

CEPI the European Audiovisual Production association, which gathers national associations of Independent producers across Europe, important pan-European associations such as Animation Europe and companies such as Mediapro, met in London for its annual General Assembly.

Given important debates taking place in Brussels on dossiers such as the Copyright Directive, the Geoblocking Regulation, the AVMS Directive and the forthcoming Digital Services Act, producers have decided to identify their priorities for the near future, highlighting a strong support for the forthcoming MEDIA programme.

On the 5th of December, CEPI members elected their President, Treasurer and Board members.

Furthermore, CEPI is pleased to welcome a new member in the association, the Film Industry Association of Ukraine (FIAU), founded in 2015 by Independent producers in order to represent comprehensive development of Ukrainian national audio-visual production at European and international level.

CEPI is the leading organisation representing independent European audiovisual producers (TV and Cinema).

The organisation regroups national associations of national producers, active producers in Europe and corporations gathered for the defence of the sector’s interests.

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