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CEPI's Position Paper on the Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act is extremely important for independent producers, and the audiovisual sector in general. The eCommerce Directive, and now the DSA proposal, establish the necessary conditions to enforce our sector’s intellectual property rights in the digital single market.

While CEPI welcomes the Commission’s effort to updating the framework of liability exemptions for providers of intermediary services, we believe that there is room for improvement in the text through clarifications and some changes in order for the DSA to fully achieve its objectives, and become the right framework for independent producers.

Find CEPI's position paper here.

You can also find the joint industry position papers from the Audiovisual Coalition and from the Creativity Works! Coalition which CEPI is a member of.

Don’t hesitate to check the CEPI DSA Factsheet to get an overview of the importance of the DSA for independent producers.



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