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Condolences President Sassoli

Brussels – 11/01/2022

CEPI has learned of the passing of Mr David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament this morning, and is deeply saddened.

He emerged for his careful and successful work in journalism and political activities in Italy.

During his time as President of the European Parliament, mostly marked by the COVID crisis, President Sassoli has done a remarkable job in ensuring the continuation of the work of the institution remotely. His work on the negotiation of the EU recovery package has been instrumental in supporting the cultural and creative industry during this difficult period.

President Sassoli’s strong sense of solidarity will be sorely missed. Under his personal initiative, the European Parliament facilities in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg offered support to public authorities, helping the most vulnerable people during the lockdown. He highlighted all the inequalities raised during the pandemic period especially supporting the fight for gender equality and against the violence on women.

CEPI and the European Audiovisual production community would like to send our condolences to President Sassoli’s family and friends.

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