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European Creative Documentaries, the leftovers of the new MEDIA programme

In response to the significant deterioration of support for Creative Documentaries, CEPI has written a letter to the Commission’s Media Unit, voicing the industry’s concerns.

Endorsed by over 40 entities, representing authors, producers, and distributors in the European Union, the letter addresses three harmful changes introduced by the Commission within the framework of the MEDIA Programme that ought to be removed in order to protect the very essential documentary genre:

Specifically, the new deadline requirement for access to development funds that is incompatible with creative documentaries’ production schedules. Further, the novel co-development tool which is likely to have a negative impact on ‘low capacity countries’ and consequently affect pluralism and creativity, the very values Creative Europe ought to support. And lastly, the maximum co-financing rate for the documentary genre which decreased to 15% (previously 20%), another worrying prospect.

Find here the full statement available in English, French, German and Italian.



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